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Clayton: Arrington to be traded

Drunken Master III

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dont understand how anyone on here can get mad at john clayton for saying he thinks lavar will get traded, this is the guy who stuck up for us most of the season, and hes not wrong too often, if it were salsbury, or hodge i would say no, but coming from clayton it does have some merit

I tend to agree with you. Clayton has been known to throw a bunch of things against the wall and then see what sticks. But, in general he is more right than wrong.

I cant see us taking the cap hit. But, thats not saying that Snyder wont pull a SIGN and TRADE.

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LaVar is making a lot of effort to convince Snyder and Gibbs that he has had a midnight conversion and wants to remain a Redskin. Unfortunately, for him during the run to 5-6 he made a lot of comments and drew unnecessary attention to himself when the team was facing adversity.

That is something Gibbs does not forgive easily :)

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