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Who is least likely to be here next season?


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I think they all have an opportunity of being here next year.

Patten will definitly not be gone, as he created a lot of space for Moss while the # 2 in the first 8 games of the season.

Arrington will rework his contract and be back in a more prominent role next year.

Taylor Jacobs has the least likely opportunity of beging here, but I feel he will because of 2 reasons. One he is an excellent special teams player and I feel Saunders may be able to save him. Just look at KC's receivers. The best one they have is Kennison.

Ryan Clark will be here next year as he played well all year long and the Skins are currently in the process of reworking his contract.

Walt Harris is a pretty good nickel corner when healthy.

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Guest GibbSkins11

jacobs, if he had played like a 2nd rd pick = a guy with talent , maybe the skins would be playing at carolina today:doh:

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the interesting question is whether like Gregg Williams who brought Antonio Pierce, Lemar Marshall, Ryan Clark, Demetric Evans and Joe Salavea out of the 'closet' to become contributors on defense, Al Saunders will be able to do the same thing for anyone on the offensive side of the ball?

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