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Thoughts on Jacobs (merged x 3)


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Jacobs would be fine if he had a QB who could get him the ball. Brunell is extremely inaccurate, and incredibly late with his throws.

The first drop would have been a great catch if he made it. Ball was not on target and the defender was right there with him.

And on that Screen pass, Brunell threw the ball behind Jacobs.

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

How does this guy continue to draw praise from teammates and coaches as having anything at all?

This was his opportunity to step it up the past few weeks and now he has another mysterious health issue.

I certainly hope that he is out of town next year on the first thing smokin'.

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He now is out of the game......sick....which tells me he isn't a big game player. I'd say we're looking for a replacement next year.

Same goes for Raymer... who is absolutely ill prepared to be on the field today. Blame Bugel....but Raymer just isn't the player he used to be... injuries having taken their toal on him and taking his away his physical ability away.

We're simply out of gas out there... dead on our feet.... and need a near miracle to get back in this game.

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