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Hello fellow skins fans. Ive been on this forum for the past few months and have decided to join a couple days ago. Here are a few things I would like to comment about this site. there are some members here who should seriously consider writing a book. some of the write-ups are just amazing. i also realize that there are dozens of new postings every minute. it's crazy refreshing the post during redskins games. the only bad thing is that there are too many posts to read...

can't sleep right now, because this is by far, in my opinion, the most crucial redskins game. i knew tampa bay had nothing on us last week. fell asleep at halftime.

im a huge skins and colts fan so would LOVE to see those two play in the super bowl. would be a super bowl for the ages.

look forward to posting and contributing to this site. lets go skins!!!


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welcome aboard. i wouldn't admit to falling asleep at halftime, though. :D

Or to being a Colts fan.Dual fanship not recomended.Just kidding but there is only one team for me and the team's name starts with an R has 8 letters and ends with an S.Go Skins,crush the Seagulls.By the way,welcome!

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