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If This is IT. How Would YOU Feel?


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This has been such a tense season! We've seen the dramatics of extremely HURTFUL lows and the uphoria of the 6 game winning streak. If it came to an end today, how would you feel? I am so superstitious; I've done everything from not wearing Redskins gear to placing items in correct position on my dresser for us to win. But if we lose, I think I may be able to accept it.

The only thing...I think a Championship game is in the hands of the Redskins. Not Seattle. If we play our best, we can do it. We need to focus and play high speed. We are capable of playing our best game of the year. So my optimism is high.

If we lose, I think we are headed in the right direction. But to make the NFC Championship would be something that will make my eyes water.

Would you be satisfied thinking about this game the rest of the offseason, or would you accept it as a huge stepping stone for our franchise? :helmet:

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I would be a little dejected, but I'd be happy we made the playoffs in spite of the media saying we wouldn't win more than 4 or 5 games this season. Next year we are going to win home field advantage throughout the playoffs.................wait a minute....our season is not over and we are not going to lose another game this year.

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