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Remember January 1987


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Seeing that video captures, I'll be honest and admit that on that day I actually rooted against the Redskins and was heartbroken when they won, even though I've cheered them every day before that and after.

The reason? Walter Payton's last game. He really was one of my childhood heroes. I had his poster above my bed. Seeing him on the sidelines for the last time, head in his hands, was just too much. He also had the last carry of the game, I remember, and failed to make a first down.

Everybody in my household was cheering as the Redskins walked out of Soldier Field triumphant, I was the only one with tears. I'm Skins for life, but there will never be another Sweetness!


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Yes, I remember that game well. We beat the Los Angeles Rams in the wildcard game and played Chicago the following week and won 27-13 at Soldier field. That win in particular was one of my all time favorite wins ever as a Redskins fan. Our defense put the clamps on Doug Flutie that day altough Willie Gault did beat Darrell Green on a bomb that day. Still I remember Dexter Manley and Charles Mann played great and our special teams and offense played really well that day.

No, only 5 teams per conference went to the playoff. All non-wild card teams had a bye. Chicago was our first game in that playoff. It wasn't until 1990 that the third seed actually played on wild-card weekend.

Oops, I thought we were talking about 87-88. Helps to read, sorry. I think in term of the NFL's fiscal yr which runs from March to February. For example, the 2005 NFL year runs from cy March 2005 to February 2006. So in NFL terms, I read the January 1987 as January FY87.

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All the memories of these great victories in the face of adversity and doubt are very insightful. The Redskins during that stretch were always a team that played hard and surprised the favored opponent. Whether its beating the defending superbowl bears at soldier field in January 1987 or defeating them a year later in 1988 as underdogs once again, we all have seen the Redskins prove their heart and determination. This team has spurred so much hype becasue it reminds us of those teams that could go into hostile territory and win the big game. I see no reason why it cant happen this saturday. We beat them once, lets do it again and we dont have to make it close.

Lets cage those birds and clip em'

Go skins!

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