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Just got back from Seattle


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I just got back from Down Town Seattle to greet the Redskins. I meet I think it was DC Skins Gal Gimpy007, Seattle Skins Fan redz and RiggoDrill It was kind of a bummer, we sat out in the rain the bussed pulled up and the players got out and headed into the hotel. Some of the Extremesskins Members got interviewed by Fox 5 and Channel 9 not sure what affiliate that was. Skisn Gal was interviewed by Channel 9, Seattle Skins was interviewed not sure with who, Gimpy but both Fox 5 and Channel 9 and I was interviewed by Channel 9.

Then the real bummer, I was driving home and Gimpy calles be to tell me that Skins Gal PMed him to tell him that Joe Gibbs and Clinton Portis came out just after we left to sign autographs.

I am still sick and not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight, this totally bites. I was so close, if I had waited a couple more minutes but once the camera crews packed up I thought it was over. :doh: :cry:

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