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Excitement for next season


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Whatever happens I'm psyched for next year.

Anyone else want to see:

Mike Sellers, Manuel White, and Nemo line up in a Power-I?

JC step up?

us sign or pull out of nowhere a good 2nd wr and a DE?

Randy Thomas back? poor guy

Whatever happens??? It sounds to me like you expect a loss. I don't. I'm not even looking at next season.

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I am so not ready to think about the offseason yet. Thank god for Joe! Too many years I've been sitting around pissed off and annoyed that the skins are not in the playoffs and watching other teams that we beat play.

I don't want to think about Dan spending too much on TO. I just want us to win this next game. I don't want this season to stop yet.

But to answer your question: I'm very excited about the development of our young players.

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Don't get too excited ... have you seen our schedule for next year ?? BRUTAL!

It aint **** compared to this years' schedule...if we can go 10-6 with this schedule next year we can only improve. Also I think this offseason we will plug all the holes and become the most complete team in the NFC, offensively, defensively, and the best coaching in the league.

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