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Here's to us loosing the coin toss this weekend!! Superstitious Anyone???


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Alright, I know we have the White on White Unis for this weekend but can I get a collective prayer that we lose the coin toss also.

I'm a little Superstitious, so this weekend me and my best friend are gonna setup this Saturday as we did last week…everything down to the same beer, snacks and jersey attire. Let me explain to you why we are this way and I swear on my life I am not kidding you.

In Jan of 05, I rec'd a letter from the skins saying "Congrats" your 11 years of waiting are finally over. Since I had to buy 2 tickets, me and my friend split the cost and go awesome seats on the $50 yr line. Now we are Sec 429 Row 29, Seat 11 + 12 come Sundays.

Now we have two streaks to explain here --->

Whenever him and I went to Fedex together, the skins were 5 - 0 (Chicago, Seattle, 49er's, Cowboys, Giants)

Whenever him and I watched the game at his house for away game we are 3 -0 (Dallas 1st game, Eagles, Tampa)

What happened to the rest of the game - We'll I had to go overseas for 6 weeks - That when the **** hit the fan so to speak, and I hate going overseas during the season. I was told I couldn’t come back till after the Giants game but I said screw it..I gotta come back to my skins. The first two away game losses against Denver and Kansas City since I left after the 49'ers game, I watched at home alone cause my friend got wasted the night before and I couldn’t find him.

So we are def gonna watch this game together, we are UNDEAFTED this season and I hope our streaks continue...:point2sky

:dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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