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I am tired of respect/disrespect/no respect


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Isn't this getting OLD yet???? Every person and every team is "disrespected" or not getting enough respect from the media. UGGG! Give it a rest, just let the scoreboard decide!

Everyone sounds like adam sandler "gotta respect the playground.... gotta respect the blah blah blah"

Players, teams, and fans need to have something new to whine about.

That being said... go skins! crush the seagulls.

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I mean in general, not just the skins. Every team in America (if you believe the hype) is disrespected. (yes we as skins get a more than our share of negative press) Ex. Tom Brady and the Pats- disrespected? come on!

I'm simply saying that its a tired cliche, nothing against my fellow x-treme skins posters.

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