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After speaking to foxtel there seems to be a mistake in the television guide!

The game will be broadcasted live on FOXSPORTS 2 at 9:00am!



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Bazz, mate, owyagoinoright?

There have been errors in the Foxtel guide all year, but I usually double check by going to the Foxtel website and checking the guide there. You'll find any program changes there, and what NFL games are being shown. Often, the printed guide tells us that TBA is playing TBA.

With that, I've just checked the online guide, and the programming is still as printed, so will just have to keep checking to see what, if any, changes they make to the online guide. I need to know so as to have a blank DVD ready to go in the recorder.

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AtB, if you haven't got the Foxtel guide, they are indicating that on Sunday, the 8.30am game is on ESPN, then Fox Sports 1 is showing the other game at midday. ESPN are then replaying their game at 10pm.

Fox Sports 1 then have the playoffs starting from 5am Monday, until midday Monday, with ESPN showing their game at 8.30am Monday, with a replay at 9.35pm.

However, there is no indication of which games each of the networks are covering, as ESPN just has 'NFL Playoffs', whilst Fox Sports 1 has 'NFL Divisional Playoff - TBA v TBA'.

The online tv guide is indicating that ESPN is showing the New England at Denver game at 8.30am Sunday, with the Pittsburgh at Indianapolis game on at 8.30am Monday. Fox Sports, in their wisdom, are showing TBA v TBA on both days.

I'll keep checking for changes and post here if anything does change.

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