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  1. bazz

    Does Doctson even care?

    Damm right its an easy call. The culture at Redskins park has to change, players need to be made accountable for. We can not tolerate mediocrity, players need to be made aware that if they are not going to live up to their standards they will have to face the consequences. Docston was in the building way to long, the careless attitude and sub-standard football is like a cancer that spreads through the team. I like this move, it was evident towards the end of the season that we needed a massive clean up because our attitude stunk. Plus it isnt that hard to have a receiver make up Docstons numbers, he done f*ck all!
  2. bazz

    Does Doctson even care?

    Cam Sims will be our no.1 wide receiver, watch this space.
  3. Who would of thought at the start of the year we would of beaten GB, Panthers and Dallas? No Crowder, Richardson, Thompson, Dunbar Tue f*ck is everyone complaining about