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Jake Scott ('76-'78)

Ted Amenta

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What was the situation like involving Jake Scott the Redskins and during the 1976 - 1978 seasons?

Was he happy with the trade?

Was he received well by his new teammates?

Did he play well?

Was he healthy?

Why did he retire?

Anything else noteworthy?

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Here's what little I remember.

No. 13

Played in secondary with Ken Houston, Mike Bass and PAT FISCHER.

I think he may have made a pro bowl with us but haven't researched it.

His name of course was made with those '72 undefeated Dolphins and the other good teams they had. I was very excited when he joined the Skins.

I think he did pretty good...one or 2 interceptions. I think he retired from the Skins. I kind of had the sense that his career was waning and the former all pro safety was just looking for a place to finish his football. A solid couple years with the Skins but not outstanding. A very wise and crafty safety that relied more on positioning and experience rather than speed and natural abilities in his years with the Redskins.

Now go to the archives for the rest of the story.

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one of the few opp's i had to attend rfk was against the bears with my father when i was about 8, and i remember scott missing an easy pushout tackle on payton so badly that even as an eight year old i felt like he was getting paid to miss the tackle. of course i'm sure he wasn't, but the play stood out and i still remember it. as scott was the last man back, payton scored a long td.

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I found this on another forum:

"As a side note....he had a huge falling out with Allen in Washington too. right after the team prayer during a game he yelled out that they were going to "kick some F'n Azz"...and he was effectively dead in the extremely religious eyes of G. Allen."

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