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This Is It People...


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This is it, what we've all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen. The Skins' first playoff appearance of the new millenium. Excitement amongst Skins fans is just as forceful over on this side of the Atlantic, even though i may be very much of an exception, i can assure you!!! And, i really think we can win this one...Really.

Brunell's experience as opposed to Simms' lack of it definitely favors us...

Cadillac has had a great rookie year, but i'm taking Clinton over him every time for the here and now...

Cooley over Alex Smith, for sure...

Joey Galloway has had a huge year, but Santa even more so...

Our offensive line is vastly superior to Tampa's well below average group...

Both are well-coached teams...

Tampa definitely have the edge on defense statistically, but given the turnovers our defense creates, i'm calling this a wash...

And, we have as much momentum as ANY team in the postseason!!

We're not here to make up the numbers, that's for sure...

Am i right, Redskins Nation??!!

LET'S GO SKINS!!! :point2sky

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Johnny, point taken, but, i'm just highlighting how we very much have the tools required to win this one. :)

Bacon, i don't think you would want them to. ;)

Coolhands, hard luck on your roommate, but don't worry, the Skins are gonna keep him VERY quiet during today's game!!

I'm A Redskins Fan, calm down there bud!

The Diesel, i see you are from Birmingham. Will you be watching the game on SKY? I hope you can clarify for me that Redskin hysteria is running JUST as wild on this side of the Atlantic as well! ;)

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This is good.

This is really good.

This is really, really, really good.

Playoff football, the Skins back in where they belong.

Game has passed Gibbs by. He will walk after this disappointing year.

Portis not the right back for this offense.

We got fleeced in the Moss/Coles trade.

Brunell is done in the NFL.

Defense suffered a fatal blow with loss of Smoot and Pierce.

Greg Williams will bail as soon as the season's over.

Thanks for playing, talking heads. Try again next year. :laugh: :laugh:

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