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1st and 10 on Cold Pizza


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They discussed who would win the Bucs/Skins game. Bayless picked the Skins because they've got the experienced quarterback, the experienced running back, and a great defense. Woody picked the Bucs to win because the Bucs are at home, and he said that the last time the Bucs were in the playoffs, they went to the Super Bowl (not really a point, just a fact). Woody also predicted that Cadillac would have a strong game but Portis would be limited to less than 100 yards.

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I actually prefer Woody to Skip, but this anti-Redskinism is getting a little out of hand.

I used to like watching him on First and 10 and on Around the Horn, but ever since his man-crush on Vick and the Falcons got out of control, I can't stand listening to him.

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