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  1. I bet people on this message board watch any of the Redskins America's Game episodes and complain that the Redskins are wearing white jerseys over burgundy pants in Super Bowls XVII, XVII, XXII and XXVI and say it's effing stupid that they're not wearing gold pants.
  2. Actually, they never wore burgundy on burgundy in 05...Gibbs was coach then...they only wore burgundy against tampa in november cuz tampa wore white that game...
  3. As this prepares to be merged. Zorn has said that the offense will wear in practice what they will wear on gameday. If you look at theredskinsblog.com, you can see that the offense is wearing burgundy so there is a strong chance they are going to wear burgundy tonight. But the blogger has said that they can always change their minds.
  4. I must agree...we did look ultra silly yesterday...kendall fumbling looking the the michelin man fumbling a football
  5. Yup I was wondring why they did that too. I thought Zorn would be a sitckler for using the regular white (burg/gold strips) socks with the white unis.
  6. oh....in case anyone wants to know the schemes...white on burgunday and burgundy on white... http://theredskinsblog.com/2008/07/28/back-to-the-equipment-room-brad-on-jersey-colors-etc/
  7. your answers lay here...86 times over http://extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=180675&highlight=weekly+adventures
  8. that line is one my my favorites... i like that one and the ones that start... Am I the only one that.... or Who else.... I am waiting for a thread to start that goes like "Am I the only who think Jason Taylor should change the spelling of his last name to Taelur? Who else is with me?***POLL***" and then there is no poll
  9. Finally an idea that makes sense. I prefer white on burgundy myself and wouldn't mind seeing the occasional change up, but we have an identity with our uniform. Lets not change that.
  10. I am a fan of the Classic Look myself, but I decided to see if JLC had any insight on it... he basically said: "The dude is just clueless - no idea of the colors"
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