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NEW Video Highlights to Chris Paul Tampa Song


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I appreciate the comments. It's the first video I've ever tried to make - got some software and a DVD recorder for Xmas. I know about 5% of the software (Adobe Premiere) so hopefully the vids will get better the more I learn the software.

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Man!!! Both the song and the video got me so pumped up, I'm getting tears in my eyes. Can we get this song in mp3 format?

I'm not sure how to do that..


I'm not sure about giving out Chris Paul's songs. I bought the CD about two weeks ago from skinsmix.com and now the site is gone. If it stays gone and there isn't anywhere to buy his music then I don't see why I couldn't give it out right? The CD isn't copyrighted either, but I don't want to just hand out the man's hard work if he has it for sale...but if he doesn't have it for sale..its all good...right?

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