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No Pittman4Two Sighting?


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I've honestly never seen Pitt on this site.

hmmm seems like you said something different. when I first read this. You must have edited it. seems like you actually said something to the effect you did a sig for him, and he makes people like me angry. Honestly, if I even cared that he existed, it might, but since in my world he means nothing, I just shake my head and think another person wasting oxygen. So nope, doesn't anger me. I jusy feel sorry for his parents for not pulling out in time.

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He probably is writing an analysis of the Giants/Bucs game....his head is so far up his rectum he may not even realize whats good.

....my money is on the fact that he will show up Friday and pontificate about how Darrel Green wont be able to cover Galloway this week or possibly how Sapp will dominate Joe Jacoby.

That guy is a riot...hopefully he doesnt flush himself down the toilet before gameday...that would be a shame.

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Has anyone seen him posting on any other team pages? If so could you provide a link. His threads are some of my favorite, even his fellow fans (tampa and The Giants) think he is a douche bag. If you see this thread Pittman come give us your insight on the game.

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Has anyone seen him posting on any other team pages? If so could you provide a link. His threads are some of my favorite, even his fellow fans (tampa and The Giants) think he is a douche bag. If you see this thread Pittman come give us your insight on the game.

I've seen him post on Buffalo's and Philly's team sites. They abuse the guy, especially his picture he uses as his sig.

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This was the last post I've seen him make on the Bucs board. There's no telling if he is hard at work preparing an insider's analysis for the upcoming game Saturday.

A Christmas Breakdown : The Champs vs. the team from Atlanta


It's that time of year folks! It's that time when we all sit around the floor playing 52 pickup with grandpa or having that traditional Egg Nog binge fest. More importantly, the champs are playing the Falcons this week.

Before I go on...Merry Christmas to everyone out there, even PntherPryd.

Week 13: The Tampa Bay Buccanneers (2002 NFL League Champs, NFC Conference Champs, NFC Southern Champs, Tampa Bay Champs, etc.) vs. falcons


Both of these plays haven't played since last week, so the rest and time off has allowed a greater emphasis on preparation and strategizing against each other. The Bucs are peaking and jelling at the right time. The Patriot game un-withstanding (with all of the non-called penalties by the zebras [refs]), this Buccanneer squad is primed and ready for a trip to Detroit for Super Bowl XXXX. The Falcons, on the other hand, are playing for their playoff lives. Michael Vick is the quarterback.

Falcons Offense vs. The Pewter Pirate Defense (2002 Champs)

What more can you say about Michael Wayne Vick? Since his days at WVU, the world has been in awe of watching Vick's awe-inspiring performances. The guy is a freak of nature. He reminds me of the robot guy in I, Robot with Willy Smith. He runs, he jumps, he talks, he gets mad, he gets glad, etc. I say Vick is the best athlete on the Falcons, bar none. Seriously. No joke.

It's gonna be tough for Cybertron's favorite son against my Pewter Pirates however. Derrick Brooks is still Derrick Brooks. The man has shown no signs of slowing down. I look for both Jamie and Derrick to key on Vick throughout the game. Vick will have to use the other players on his offense to be successful. Dunn and Duckett make a good combo, but their inability to make yards after being tackled is striking. Hopefully, for your sake, they worked on these fundamentals during the week. One thing's for sure, the Bucs defense does not stop until the whistle blows....no sir.

At WR, White, Price, and Brinneran are a decent trio of WR's but I'd like to see more production. This is the NFL League...there's nothing taken for granted. The Falcons WR's coach, J. Delmar, needs to better prepare his receivers during the week. Is it footwork? Is it lack of speed? Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed before the home stretch of the season.

The Champs' Offense vs. the other team's defense

Can you believe this Chris Simms guy? Is he amazing or what? He's already won more games than he's lossed and now he's poised to win the Super Bowl. Amazing. It helps when you have an MVP backfield with Pittman and Alstott...a solid 1-2 punch that ranks up there with an MVP running back and a good fullback.

Throw in the monster at WR...Joey Galloway, the 2nd year rookie Michael Clayton, the phenom that is Alex Smith, and I Like Ike Hilliard and you got yourself an offense dreams are made of. I'm getting goosebumps typing this right now.

I'd like to see the Cadillac get involved especially in mop-ups. Let Pittman wear that defense out for 3.5 or at least 3 1/2 quarter before the youngin' comes in. No need to put that pressure on the young lad's shoulders.

On the falcons's defense, look for Keith Brooking to rush the passer or drop into coverage...he's fairly limited. The Bucs need to exploit this by running when the Falcons are expecting pass and vice versa. Jim Mora is the head coach.



Vick - 12-43 86 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT, 0 picks

Vick - 23 rushes 192 yards, 2 TD's, 0 INT, 1 pick

Vick - 13 receptions for 132 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT, 1 pick

Vick - 9 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF, 2 FR, 3 PD, 2 BB

Vick - 2/3 FG, 2/2 XP

Vick - 1/2 challenges

Bucs (When Vick is off the field)

Simms - 23-24, 423 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT

Pittman - 18 rushes for 114 yards.

Galloway - 11 rec. 223 yards, 2 TD's

A. Smith - 8 rec. 94 yards, 2 TD's

Clayton - 9 rec. 75 yards, 2 TD's

Bucs (When Vick is on the field)

Simms - 0 for 0, 0 yards

Pittman - 0 rushes for 0 yards

Galloway - 0 recepts for 0 yards

A. Smith - 0 yards for 0 receptions

Clayton - 8 rec. 90 yards, 2 TD's

Final Score

Bucs 23

Falcons 3



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