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Those Coming To Philly - URGENT - MUST READ

Mark The Homer

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*** No tailgating allowed at Lot U ***

We have a caravan arriving around 11:45, and others are arriving before then. We have troops attacking from the north and south, and a battalion invading from the west flank. Reinforcements will arrive during the afternoon. We'll rally in force at or near Lot D, and then mount the final assault on the stadium. Look for a 20 ft. flagpole flying an American flag and a Redskins flag. All Redskins fans welcome! Come on by! The more the better!

You don't need tickets because scalpers will be selling them around the stadium, probably at face or below. So get on your horse and come on out!

Click on above link and scroll down to the bottom.

Please bump.

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I'm worried that if we plan on Lot D, or some other lot, and something goes wrong, everything will be screwed up. For example, what if Lot D is a family lot, no alcohol allowed? Or what if Lot D doesn't open until 2:30? Whereas Lot C opens at 7 AM? Or what if Lot D is a handicapped lot? Etc. I am thinking it might be best to arrive, park, then confirm with others via cell.

What do you all think?

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