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Moss or Cooley...


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... who's jersey should I get. I want to get one of the player who is A) going to be around for a long time B) is a solid player at their position C) has good moral character and is a likeable person D) is fun to watch.

Both Moss and Cooley meet a lot of those catagories and its hard for me to pick one of them. Which one do you think would be a better buy?

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I know whos jersey I own.#47 is the best thing to happen for the redskins in a long time.Captain Chaos is my favorite by far, you never see him at half speed,he is going hard every play.Chris Cooley is a Joe Gibbs type player, that is why we are going to the playoffs again.Because Joe knows how to build a team that knows how to play together and give their all. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS

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