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Whats wrong with this picture?


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The Cowboys suck, but to have them AND the Bears? COME ON!!!!!

Why do people think that getting Rex Grossman back makes this team an offensive juggarnaut? He has like 8 games NFL experience and is probably the most fragile player in the NFL. He is basically still a rookie because he doesnt play.

I hope we play the Bears in the playoffs, I am totally confident we would beat them.

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Off the NFL website: NFC Ranks (out of 16 teams)

Total Offense Pass Offense Rush Offense

Seattle 1 6 2

Chicago 15 15 5

NY Giants 2 5 4

TB 12 12 7

Carolina 11 9 10

Dallas 7 7 6


6 10 3

ARE WE CHOPPED LIVER??????? I don't think so. WHERE ARE WE ON THIS POLL??????

Stinkin NFL

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