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Redskins - Superbowl champs? Is it possible?


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I think the schedule set up well to allow the Skins to make a Super Bowl run. First the two road games agaist weaker teams(Rams, Cardinals) then the two big home games to allow them to shift gears and become dominant. Hopefully this theory will show up and they will domintate the Eagles and carry over to the playoffs. I do know that any playoff game they are in the game will be a toss-up and come down to one or two plays.

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Run the ball, play solid defense(stop the run) and have sound special teams. That has been the formula for almost every super bowl champion. Who in the league is doing those three things better than us? It also helps to be on a roll. We would have played 5 straight playoff games heading in and won them all.

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It IS possible...

1) We beat the top two seeds and neither has won a playoff game in a decade. (so yes we can win on the road & as a 6th seed)

2) Worst playoff QB group in ages. Simms? Orton/Grossman? 2nd year Eli? Delhome (ok, not great). Hasselbeck (ok, not great). Brunell & Ramsey could run this group. (and not a mobile one in the group)

3) Gibbs. When Gibbs started we were supposed to be chicken feed to the Laundry's Cowboys & Walshes 49ers who already won Superbowls (& both became NFC title casualties in year 2 & 3). Even the mini-powerhouse Eagles, Rams & Packers are gone. This field would be child's play for Gibbs.

*NO it's not too soon to talk about it! It's one week to playoffs. Enjoy it.*

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that is the beauty of the league. All we need is to win Sunday, get in the playoffs, and anything is possible, it is the playoffs. To win you need great D, and a good running game, we have both. When the pats went into the post season their first year with Brady, no one expected them to win it all, and they did. We just gotta beat the eagles and believe.

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Short answer, yes.

As it sits now, if we can defeat the Eagles, we would face Tampa Bay in the first round. I've watched Tampa Bay play. We can handle them easily. Next would be 'Da Bears. Sure the bears have a great defense but their offense is suspect. We have beaten them once this year. I believe we have a good chance against them this time.

Who's next? My guess is Seattle. Close game but we win. Again, we have already beaten them. You take away the run like we did against the Giants and we win.

So, is it possible we make a Superbowl appearance? Who in the NFC is playing dramatically better football than the Redskins right now? I know it "seems" like a fantasy, but in reality, it could happen.

Superbowl champs? But to dream! I am guessing we face New England (the Colts have lost some of the magic). Great game. Winnable.

Many will say I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe so, but you don't have to be totally stoned to imagine it. Let me know your thoughts.

I have to agree with your statement and was thinking the same thing actually.Who is playing better ball in the nfc right now and what play-off team makes me say man those guy's are way better then us as far as I'm concerned we really have only lost 1 game this year that was to the Giants the others were taken by the officials. :eaglesuck

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I hope every member of the redskins roster is thinking this all week.

Because if they are, they miss the playoffs. If the whole team overlooks the Eagles (which the vast majority of fans are doing) the Eagles could beat ya.

Smoke another one CRYBOY :dallasuck :dallasuck

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no we play seattle (cause the numba 1 gets the worst seed) so if we're the 6th seed we play seattle 2nd round no matter what

NO. Thats incorrect.

of course many things could happen, and we have to concentrate on eagles,

but fyi,

they match winner of 6 and 3 with 2 and winner of 5 and 4 with 1.

They look at 3 not the 6 even if the 6 wins.

so right now if it started now (being a #6), it would be

at TB(3)

at Chic.(2)

then winner of other, probably Sea.(1)

see link below,


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For the first time since going 3-0, I'm starting to believe that its possible! If we can continue playing like we did against Dallas and NY, and maintain that level of play on the road, the door is open to us. No team in the NFC is truely dominant. There is no reason a wild card team couldn't go all the way, and I'm starting to like our chances.


I agree, if we maintain this level of play I think we can beat any team in the league. The only team that would scare me would be Indy and that's only if they bring their A game.

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