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Moss Gets a Gameball ESPN


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When I heard we traded Coles for Moss, I thought it was a horrible move. I'm soooooo glad I was wrong about the trade! Santana Moss, we LOVE you in the burgundy and gold. Thank you!

Having seen Moss in the past, I wasn't thinking it was a horrible move.

Coles was a cancer and had the toe issues. He also did not believe in the philosophy of the team (but I think the first point was the main reason he had to go regardless).

The question marks on Moss were height and durability. Was his speed enough to offset his height (and would we be able to take advantage of this appropriately), and would he be durable enough to last the whole season?

The answers have been pretty clear: yes and yes.


As to the thread topic, that's insane. I guess even Tom Jackson had to take notice of Moss's performance today. Awesome.

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