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What I went through to watch the game


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Well, due to CBS having the double header I decided to had to the local bar to watch the game. Nothing fancy but I could watch it. Well, they were closed (this was at 12:30) so I had to find a place to watch it. I walked by at least 10 bars and they were either closed or did not have sunday ticket. Finally, I found a bar that had the game playing and I was watching near about four Giants fans. I was quite happy needless to say, although I was the only Skins fan.

Here is my route.

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Champs is the local sports pub vhain here in the Twin Cities. I went to the one in Maplewood off 35E. I watched the first half without sound. I asked the manger if I could actually hear the game I was watching, (they had all the games on). He told me that there was no way.

So I left at halftime. I went to Gabe's in the blue-collar section of St. Paul (it's all blue collar here, actually). The bartender totally accommodated me. Wide screen TV, sound, and a bloody on the house. He got a big fat tip.

Champs is worthless.

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