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What is SOS thinking when the Defense is on the field.


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I know this is a highly theoretical question, but some of the debate about the role of the HBC and his DC made me think back about SOS's days at UF. It made me wonder about what he is actually thinking when the opposing offense is on the field. Particularly if the opposition makes a good play. I decided to break it down based on the % chance of any particular thought occuring... Here goes:

30% Hey that was a good play! Of course I could make it better by...

30% Maybe I should tell Marvin what they are going to do next

15% Gees if I had their guys I could run...

25% Dang! if we don't get the ball back soon I'm gonna get bored.

There may be others. Take a shot



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30% of the time = I could predict that play was coming.

25% of the time = I got a good deal for that thing I bought the other day.

20% of the time = where am I going to go on vacation next? (Florida of course)

15% of the time = When do I start the remodeling of my new house in Maryland?

10% of the time = having Mastercard to do all of the above....priceless!!!

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It is reported that when he was at Duke and playing North Carolina's Mack Brown he and his DC had a bet each play as to who could predict what NC would run.

Since he also thinks the NFL is predictable, maybe he and Lewis will run a season long bet.

I wonder if he the NFL will let him have a sandbox on the sideline so that he can spend the time drawing up new plays for the next possesion.

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