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Who are the nastiest defenders.


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If you were an offensive player, any position on O who would you be your most feared opponent (and dont give me that I wouldnt fear anyone mess either). Here are my top 10 (I had a little help from my Grandfather who listened to many pro football games on the radio back in the day).

1. Dick Butkus- We are talking about a man who watched war film to get hype and to this day NFL legends speak about the pain and suffering he inflicted.

"I wouldn't ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important —like a league game or something." -Dick Butkus

2. Lawrence Taylor- Athletic, Powerful, Relentless, Taylor practically created

the outside linebacker position. His nickname at UNC was Godzilla his motto:

to live fast, perhaps die young, and leave a trail of battered quarterbacks in your wake

3. Dick "Night Train" Lane- Many people dont know of this man but from what some of the NFL greats say, he is the was the hardest hitting corner known to man. The name (Night Train) first appeared in print after Lane tackled Washington’s Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice on the 5-yard line and broke his collarbone in Los Angeles’ first exhibition game. There were many other hits like it through out his career.

4. Reggie White- He was one of my personal favorite heavy hitters and players. His stregnth was unmatched by offensive lineman. He did what ever he had to do to get to the QB. He ripped, spinned, bull rushed and terrorized the opposing offensive line and QB's. I remember when he was with Philly and they were playing the 49ers, White pushed Steve Wallace back about 4 or 5 yards reached around him and pulled J. Montana down with one arm. Talk about power. A one arm sack.

5. Ray Nitschke- Said by many to be the hardest hitter of all time. Just take one look at him and I can see why he was feared by many. He was players player. Broken teeth, blood, broken bones never stopped him from doing what he had to do to stop the opposition.

"When he hits, I can feel every bone rattle like coins in a tin can." -Gayle Sayers 1967.

Others: Mike Singletary, Steve A****er, Dexter Manley, Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert round my top 10.

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You forgot:

Jack Lambert - Pittsburgh Steelers

Jack Ham - Steelers

Mean Joe Greene - Steelers

Mike Singletary - Bears

Kevin Greene - Rams/Steelers

Howie Long - Raiders

Lyle Alzado - Raiders (I know he used Roids, but he was a beast on the field.)

Dan Hampton - Bears

Richard Dent - Bears

Deacon Jones - Rams, Chargers, Redskins

Mel Blount - Steelers

That's all I can think of right now.

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How could you exclude Ronnie Lott ? Jack Tatum ? Lambert ? Harry Carson ? Alzado's clone, "The Tuze" (Matuzack). I know it's a big list, but how about little ole Pat Fischer ?

I did forget about Lott. When he tackled defenders went down head first, feet last. Relentless and defined the role of the safety.

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