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Punters: Local or Overseas?


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I know there are several topics already about our punting situation, but I'm interested in knowing opinions of whether teams should be looking overseas for future punters.

For example, The Gramatica's, although schooled in the US, were Argentinian born, and there is also the Aussie invaders - Darren Bennett, Matt McBriar and Ben Graham. There is also the Swede the Skins had on the roster at some point last season.

The reason I'm asking is that it has just been published that the Australian Football League's longest kick, Anthony Rocca, is contemplating a future as an NFL punter once his AFL career is over.

Rocca punting on NFL

The nature of our game means that a player can only play until his early 30's, but someone like Ben Graham entered the NFL at 32. Darren Bennett has just been re-signed with Minnesota and he's in his early 40's.

Rocca is currently 28, so will have 3-4 years in the AFL, but is already looking at crossing the pond in our off-season to prepare for any possible training camp opportunities.

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"You have to adjust to the footy."

"... and kick torpedoes every time."

"Kicking a torp is a pretty hard thing."

"...to go to the States and suss it out."

Does this guy have a lot of tattooes all over his body? This guy sounds like an aborigine from the outback. :paranoid: He would definitely need a translator, as the only guy that would understand him is Park City Skins. :laugh:

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