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Cheifs @ Giants: Who Will Win ??


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Facing Larry Johnson and that O-line without Pierce worries me as a Giants fan.

I think it will be a close high scoring game, which hopefully won't come down to a Jay Feely kick or else we're screwed! :doh:


yea that worries me to :laugh:

:gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck:point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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The Gmen normaly do well vs big backs. Its the burners that gash the Giants. I'm thinking this game will not be as high scoring as most people believe. The Giant D will play decent I think. LJ will get his yards like Alexander did but be a non factor. Its Green that I'm more scared of. The Chifes O-line is so good I'm not sure if even Strahan and Osi can get a pass rush. Without a pass rush the Giants secondary stinks.

What I think this game really hinges on is the health of the Giants starting left and right tackles. If they are both healthy and can play well I see the Giants being able to out score the Chifes. I'm going 20-17 Giants.

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