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Being in playoff contention is a bad thing? - The Morning After ESPN


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Taken from the Morning After. Pastabelly reported a scout saying:

• [Washington quarterback] Mark Brunell was pretty bad on Sunday, and the Redskins could be in kind of a pickle with their [quarterback] situation. They've got to keep playing Brunell, since they're still in the thick of the wild-card race, and have to keep winning. But that means [first-round draft choice] Jason Campbell, who's definitely the guy Joe Gibbs wants to be the man for the future, won't get onto the field, maybe all season. Campbell is the kind of guy who has to play to get better."

Heaven forbid! The Redskins actually winning???!!!


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in all honesty, brunell was nothing great this weekend, but cooley should have caught that first pick, there was another tiped ball, and if you watch the last int on replay it looks like cooley was open but instead of cutting his route in tight he tried to slip behind the coverage after the ball was in the air.

i'm not making excusses for brunell, but what's right is right.

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I can tell you right now that espn will never give the Redskins love. Thats why its going to be fun when we win the East!

Remember that when we do win the East. I don't want any "Finally getting love from ESPN threads around here". I'd rather see F ESPN, F Sports Illustrated, and F Pastabelly/PRisco/etc threads.

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I think we're actually melting away alot of the ice between us and the media.

Only the "Bungles" and Cardinals have had a worse 12 year period than us.

Win and it all goes away!

I'd love a win this week, but like I said in another post, we are better than last year.

Anything else the rest of the way is a bonus.

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