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True rating for DW in the steeler game


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We all know dw went 2-5-24yds-1int

If you add the two drops he went 4 out of 5

if you take back the hold call

5 out of 6

So he would have atleast went 5-6-60yds-1int

thats not so bad for a first start vs the steelers defense....

Who knows what would have happened beyond that...

just another way to look at his proformance


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Perhaps when the season starts for real we can ask the WRs not to drop balls, and if they do ask that it not count against our QB's ratings. Oh, and let's not count any of those penalties, either. :laugh:

It all evens out over the long haul. All QBs will get hurt by tipped INTs, penalties and drops. They also get big numbers for short passes that go the distance due to WRs and downfield blocking. And the INTs droppd by defenders don't hurt them too much either. :)

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I also think Davis had his best game (OK, quarter) so far with Danny in there. (If you blame the QB for drops and penalties, then he gets credit for good running, doesn't he?)

To me, that first Q last night was the best team performance (both sides of the ball) we've seen this year.

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hard to tell from the stands cuz you don't see the replays....but from my vantage point the skins looked totally outmanned in the first half. the continuity and rhythm just weren't there. either wuerful is in control or he isn't. he gets the props when the team does well, and he shoulders the blame when they don't. the entire first quarter was a nondescript event in which the offense was a non-entity.

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