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Beware of your rear window defroster....


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I was driving my cadillac into work today. There was still a little ice on it after I scraped most of it off, so I had the rear defroster on. About 5 minutes into my journey, I hear a loud pop. I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought it might of been the back windshield since it looked cracked, but figured it was just ice that slid from my roof covering the windshield. I was wrong. Oh, how I was wrong. When I got to work, I looked at the rear windshield and it is barely held together. The entire thing is shattered in a million pieces. I called Cadillac dealer and they said this thing is not under warranty, nor could I get a rental car while it was in the shop unless I wanted to pay for that too. Nor did they know how long it would take to fix. Up to a week they say. Not a good day so far. I think I am going to take it to a local shop, covered by my insurance for a $500 deductible. Crazy ****. [/vent]

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i think rear glass is much more expensive than windshields. i remember a doctor i interned with drove around with cardboard/plastic/hefty rear glass for months on his lexus b/c he was too cheap to replace it. i think he ended up replacing it b/c he got tired of getting "fix it" tickets.


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Zoiks and away!!!!

575 Dollars!

I paid 200 for a prand new windshield last summer and the guy came to where I worked and installed it.

There is a major price difference between rear glasses and even 1/4 glasses from aftermarket windshields,usualy only one supplier...and ya know what happens when there is no competition :thud: :doh1:

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More often then not, it a combo rapid heating of the cold glass, and body flex of the car. Most folks don't realize just how much a vehicle flexes while it goes down the road. The temp also effects the ammount the car flexes, and the shape of the glass plays a big role too. I've see many rear windows blow out over th years, winter and summer for no apparent reasons.

When I worked for Pontiac, we would regularly have Firebirds and TA's rear glass blow out when people would close the door because the very air tight sealing of the vehicle, and the stress built into the galss.

It happened to the Toyota Previa van we have. The wife pulled into the drivway and got out of the van. As she walked away she heard a weird noise. Turned around to find the rear glass shattered.

Hellow State Farm :laugh:

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