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Why Gibbs Is Great But Must Go


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This is my second post on the subject but I wanted to be more specific about why I think Gibbs' time has passed.

Although you can not debate Gibbs is one of the greatest coaches of all time, his time has passed because of his style.

Since even the early 90's all major sports have changed so much, for either the better or worse depending on perspective. While the athletes are much bigger, faster, and in general, more fun to watch, the NFL and NBA especially have seen their players morph towards "ghetto" and spoiled rotten millionares. This in no way is racist but rather reality if you can get past being politically correct. Certain coaching styles are timeless to this adjustment(i.e. Bill Parcells tough guy, no bs approach. Look how he kept Keyshan in line, how do you think KJ would do working for Gibbs..lol). Joe Gibbs is a legend as it should be but he is also now a relic from a time past where the head coach ruled as god and his word was the way. His nice guy and silent authority approach is as ancient as his O style. He doesnt command much respect and confidence from the O(yes, there are some flashes some weeks but its never steady)

I have been a Skins fan for better than 15 years so I can understand loyalty to Gibbs, but the time is now. I loved the heart L.C. showed as a skin, R.G could have gone from 50/50 to 80/20 under a good coach. Although Brunell is the more obvious choice for Gibbs' style, Ramsey has more talent in his left pinky as far as running a top 10 type of O. They were all turned off by Gibbs and so were other very key players(Jansen, Clinton,ect.) who spoke out but were muzzled. I think that played a big role in Smoot leaving too and he defined "heart" as much as any other Skin'. Yes Santana has been a god send but why in the heck would you get 2 speedy WR in a offense like this. I thought that when we signed them and not after the fact.

My suggestion is G. Williams. No changes to the D and lets get more creative on O. You see how his players play, the intensity and confidence, imagine that on the O side w/all the talent. He will never be a JG, that's for sure, but his time is now. Look at Marvin Lewis, his time is now. No, he isnt a JG and neither is GW but they have a better grasp of how the game is played today. Marvin did not have even CLOSE to the talent the Skins do now(and last years 6-10) when he started. Yeah he had draft pics but so did the other 50 Cin. coaches before him that picked 20 frachise players in the first round(exaggeration of course). Say what you want about Dan S. but he puts the most money possible on the field and the responsibility falls to the coach.

Rebuilding??...Look at this roster and say the Skins' are "rebuilding"..nonsense. You shouldn't go through rebuilding when you have the best D in the league(if someone could replace Harris)and that much talent on O. Yeah, with Gibbs we have lost some heart breakers but thats the story of the Skins' life for the last 15 years. How about some easy games like SF? With the best D and a even good O we should have some laughers. GW would be the answer because he has proved himself a Skin and the gamble factor(i.e. Spurrier)isnt there. The O can go nowhere but up.

Im not saying JG should go this week but if the season doesnt finish well he shouldnt have a 3rd season to prove himself, not w/a dominat D like he has(which he has little to do with). Let fans remeber him as one of the greatest coaches of all time and not the shadow of himself he has come back as). Magic J. made a complete spectacle of himself in his failed second comecack attempt, but who hold that against him; nobody. 6-10 last year is plain awful, maybe the worst, job of coaching with a D like we had and the talent on O. Anything less than 10-6 for this years squad in a NFL year where there is no dominant team(save 1), would be failure. Joe must go

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Bro, listen you have to give him time.... I am not going to bash you like others in here but, it is going to take more than 2 yrs to turn this team around. As much as I like Dan Synder(Because every year he some how find a way to give me hope even though it never pans out) He has ran this team to disarray. It is going to take time to return this team to greatness. Give it time man. :logo:

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What a bunch of crap. Greg Williams as head coach? That scares the hell out of me. He's the guy that cannot adjust his "packages" to involve one of the best players in the game. And Ramsey is nothing better than a solid backup in this league.

Have faith. Joe will get it done. The players are buying into his ways.

Please send me some of that great weed, you be smoking.


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I thought it was a mistake for Snyder to bring Joe back and I haven't seen any reason yet to change my mind.

I agree with most of the points you made.

However, Gibbs has a plan for the team that is dependent on Jason Campbell leading this franchise back to glory. I would be opposed to Joe leaving before he has been given a chance to make that plan work.

That's why I'd like to get a look at Campbell if we lose seven this year. Grading Campbell is, in effect, also grading Joe Gibbs.

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If dick vermeil can come back and do it then gibbs can. dumb post

D.V. may have the same personality as J.G. but his O mind is ageless and conforms to the times, unlike J.G. who is stuck in the 80's. They should not be compared for this reason. You say dumb post, I say dumb reply.

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