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Today Gibbs Lost Game But Won NASCAR Series


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Did anyone find it strange that every time Tony was going to go a lap down NASCAR threw a debris caution? I don't believe NBC even showed the debris in the first one. For the second one they threw it because of a spring rubber. The problem is it was a few feet below the white line and cars were nowhere near racing down there. That isn't a knock against Tony, NASCAR seemed to throw the debris cautions a lot this season, especially when Jr. or J. Gordon was about to go a lap down. Oh well, it is what it is. I'm SOOO glad Tony won instead of J.J. anyway.

I thought it would have been cool to see Mears win his first race and it's too bad debris that wasn't a threat to anyone lost it for him.

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It was sweet! I was there - got to see Tony win it in person. About as close to going to the Super Bowl as I'll ever get. Anyone else go? I liked the part during his post race speech when he asked if the Skins won and the announcers were like, "Uh, we have no idea, we've been focusing on the race for the last several hours." Then he asked Gibbs when he called to congratulate him and said that we had lost. :mad:

Here's a guy who just won the NASCAR championship and he's asking if the Skins won or lost.

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