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What teams have the longest playoff drought?


Will we be playing meaningful games in December?  

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  1. 1. Will we be playing meaningful games in December?

    • Did you see that game today? What's WRONG with you?!
    • To Hell with the nonbelievers. The winning streak starts NOW! 11-5, bitches!
    • I'm too busy getting drunk. Ask me again tomorrow. No, Tuesday.

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If im not mistaken this places us in the area of Cincy, Detroit, Arizona, and Cleveland? :( and thats it :(.


cleveland made it that year kelly holcomb was playing great....i think they lost to pittsburg in the wildcard.

detroit made the playoffs the last time we did b/c we beat them.

AZ made it in the 90's b/c they beat the cowboys in a wildcard.

i think cincy is the longest. followed by AZ and a tie btwn detroit and washington.

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The Bengals owned the longest playoff drought entering the 2005 season, having last been to the postseason in 1990. They entered the 2005 season with a stretch of 14 consecutive playoff-less years. Behind Cincinnati was Arizona with six straight non-playoff seasons. Buffalo, Detroit, Jacksonville and Washington have each missed the postseason the last five years.


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