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Will we be playing meaningful games in December?


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I think any time we play a divisional game its meaningful... no matter what our record is.... I mean its Dallas, Philly, NY.... its meaningful if only for principle and rivalry sake....

I think it will mean much more.... for the SKINS.... this season will still rest on these games in my opinion...

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We will be playing meaningful games...for the Giants and Cowboys

:laugh: that's what i was thinking. its not over yet. we do have to become a hot team to do it. we have to take some chances and be willing to lay it on the line physically and with playcalling.

i orginally thought this was a 5-11 to 7-9 team, and i hope this team will surpass my expectations. :wish:

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i think we have a good chance to win out

so do i. Especially if we beat SD next week. If we do, then we could possibly steal two games on the road, and come back and beat the boys at home. We would be 9-5 at that point, and have 1 home and 1 away game left. We will probably beat philly b/c mcnabb will probably be out and in rehab from the surgery. But if we lose to the giants and they have the same record as us at that point, then we will be out of the playoffs b/c the gnats will have the tiebreaker over us.

This is what i hope the season will end up as (NFC East records)

Dallas: 11-5 (vs. Denver, vs. Kc, at Giants, at Wash, at Carolina, vs. STL)

Redskins: 10-6 ( vs. SD, at ARZ, at STL, vs. Dal, vs. NYG, vs. PHI

Giants: 9-7 ( tough remaining schedule, at Seattle, vs. dallas, at Philly, vs. KC, at Washington, and at Oakland)

Eagles: 6-10 ( they will be out of the running early)

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while our team is playing like this .... every game is meaningful until we get to the playoffs..... if those games have no relevence then it is a good time to scout our bench boys etc and start to plan for the next go round

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