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How about playing Arrington on 3rd downs!!!

Drunken Master III

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I just don't understand why Lavar does not play on third downs. That is the most critical down, but Lavar is always on the bench.... :wtf:

I agree brotha because he can cover better then Walt Harris because he proved it on 2nd down last week defending 3 passes. He also is needed for a blitz.

I remember early last year when our line was healthy he would sneek right trough and lay quarterbacks out. Proof was openening game against Tampa, last play of the game was a sack by LA, game was over. With a pass rush our D would be relentless!!!

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Yep. lavar has to play. I don't care how the GW loyalists want to spin this. Lavar has made a bunch of big plays since he has been getting PT and I don't think that he has hurt us yet. We need Washington, Arrington, and Taylor on the field AT ALL TIMES! With those three, there's no way we'll stay at the bottom of the league in turnovers forced.

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Same type of thing happened about 16 or 17 years ago (my god has it been that long :doh: ) with Wilbur Marshall. He came here to DC and everyone hailed him as our "LT" and Richie Petitbon proceeded to rush him rarely and pulled him on 3rd downs.

After a couple of seasons of this, Wilbur settled in and Richie began to us him more and more and by year 3,4 and 5 Wilbur was most likely the best all around linebacker in the game.

I'm hoping for the same with LaVar. He and Williams have had a rocky relationship thus far, but I hope that's all water under the bridge and they both can get it together like Petitbon and Wilbur did.

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LaVar is better in run support than as a pass rusher

I can kind of agree to this, Lavar has excellent speed and can use this to chase down defenders from sideline to sideline. Put him in pass situation, either rushing or in coverage, you either make him subject to a double team by the offensive line or rely on his discipline to be able to cover and read receivers.

What I don't completely grasp is why they keep lining S. Springs up in the middle of the field as the nickel/dime back and continue to either blitz or drop him into short coverage. I understand he was very successful last year with the blizt, but we dont have the cover skills on the edges compared to last year.

Last game vs. Tampa we weren't very successful with the blitz all game so why take your best cover corner out of coverage, especially when you don't have a better athlete like S. Taylor back their to rome the deep zone? I don't beleive in just sitting back and giving the QB all day to throw and pick you apart, but if he's got time to throw even with the blitz, why not add more defenders to the pass.

I wonder how different G. Williams called the game on defense knowing he didn't have S. Taylor back there?

Just my opinion :eaglesuck

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What are you talking about Bubba none of his 11 sacks came from a 3pt stance under Lewis??? Thats complete BS on every long sitiation his hand was on the ground he hated it..

And LA can cover thats the most befuddling thing to me his best season ever was at WSLB playing coverage off the line under Marty...

Just like ex skin Raven Caldwell said on the postgame show LA should never leave the field period..

I'd rather have 3 d-lineman and LA rushing from anywhere then the crap we put out thier now if they don't think he can cover which is BS...

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