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Honestly guys lets just stop looking at crap like point spreads, favorites, matchups etc. I am not saying discussing them as the games come along but looking at what we are going to do against Dallas or Giants in our house is just crazy.

The bottom line is this team just put 35 on the best defense in the league and lost. And this same offense coudn't score ONE F-ING single point against the 30th ranked D and played Denver in Denver better by leaps and bounds than ANY OTHER team. Conclusion. We can beat anyone and lose to anyone. Let us take one game at a time because honestly I feel we are setting ourselves up for a huge disappointment.

We still need to see a complete game from this team like the one they played against SF..you know the team that the Bucs lost to :doh: . We need a complete game like this and another like the Eagles game (without Doc having to "sprint" to recover fumbles).

One thing is for sure tha there are a few players our team can't be without. ST and Griffin are a couple and Marcus is also one. Lets see if everyone is healthy this week and go kick Oaklands butt.

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