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"The turtles were not injured" Hehe..


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Canadian Press

Nov. 9, 2005 10:30 AM

LISTOWEL, Ont. - A pair of toddlers are giving new meaning to the terrible twos.

The boys wandered away from a home in this town north of Stratford on Tuesday and carved a path of destruction through another.

Provincial police said they'd never seen anything quite like it.


"They did a lot of damage for two little boys," said Const. Randy Clarkson.

"And they didn't even seem to be the slightest bit put out by the whole deal."

After slipping out of their home, police said the two-year-old cousins entered and "ransacked" a nearby bungalow, emptying the contents of the refrigerator onto the floor, rummaging through a bedroom and breaking a sheet of drywall.

One of the boys even deposited his diaper in a basement aquarium housing three turtles. The turtles were not injured.

Police said the pair may have been on the lam for as long as three hours.

They were only discovered missing after police arrived at the boys' home shortly before noon on an unrelated matter and found a door wide open and two adults sound asleep inside.

"I can't believe that two two-year-olds did all this," homeowner Eileen Peppler said Tuesday night as she tried to decide where to begin the cleanup.

"I still can't believe it."

Peppler thinks the children got in through a sliding door, which they shut behind them before proceeding to run amok.

"As far as the parents are concerned, we're not done with this investigation," Clarkson said.

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when my sister was about 3 she hit the road on me. I remember being upstairs and not hearing anything and taking that as a very bad sign. She ended up putting her swimsuit on and taking a walk. I ran around the neighborhood in a mad panic and I spot a cop holding her. The cop gave her to me after some questions (my sister call out my name, which helped) but then i got a big talking to, hes said hes seen kids escape from open windows, vents, and basically any crack or crevise in the house.

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