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Indian mascots?


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I see a sad trend, people pick the names of indians and indian tribes and such simply because they were some of the most fierce warriors in recent history, it is not meant to bring them down to the same level as animals. Hell, Tennesee has their team name be the volunteers, which if I am not mistaken was a group of soldiers who were white. The idea is that the players go out to "do battle" and wish to be known as some of the most fierce warriors ever. If you are gonna make teams change their names like that then the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" should change their mascot too, if for no other reason that it looks like a friggin Leprechan.

I can't stand this whole argument so I have said my peace and I am now out of it.

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I think the redskins should change their helmet design. It only goes back about 25 years. It's not like that design has a ton of history. Also, I heard it suggested before that we change our name to the "Skins." I think this is a great idea. Problem of being racist - solved. Legacy - Preserved.

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