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Taking another look at the schedule in the post-Osaka glow:

Cards... W

The defense will feast on these guys, and SS will have a chance to try out his offense in the friendly confines of FedEx field.

Eagles... W

Their offense won't scare the Skins defense. I predict a long day for McNabb with Arrington shadowing him, but it's too early in the season for our no-star offense to beat a very good defense. The Skins win on a punt return TD by Champ Bailey.

@ 49ers... L

Coming off a 12-win season with all their starters in place already and playing at home, I don't see the 49ers losing this one. The media will make the RUTS a big story, but I don't think the 49ers really care. I'll be at the game -- Jeff Garcia lives in my neighborhood.


@ Titans... L

With a healthy George and McNair, the Titans are going to be tough. I think this one is a squeaker, pulled out by the Titans.

Saints... W

Nobody is afraid of these guys. Deuce, meet Lavar, Jeremy, and Jesse -- mad as hell with nothing to lose at 2-2.

@ Packers... L

It's early enough in the season that it won't be too cold in GB, and Favre is playing with some pretty suspect WRs (I'm assuming Terry Glenn will have imploded by then). Still, it's tough to win in GB -- only one team did it last year.

Colts.... L

With Dungy's 2-deep zone helping out, and the #2 offense firing on all cylinders, these guys will be tough.

@ Seahawks... W

After a tough two-week road trip for the Seahawks (@Rams, @Dallas), they'll be glad to get home. Shaun Alexander is pretty good, but not good enough. The 3-4 Skins wake up.

@ Jags... W

Who's afraid of the Jags? Besides, Fred Taylor will have his latest injury by then, and Brunell will really miss Boselli when

Bruce comes to see him.

@ Giants... L

Following two wins on the road, the Skins are on fire. But the three-week road trip is too much.

Rams... W

In a shocker, the 5-5 Skins beat the Rams in a shootout.

@ Cows... W

Until they prove otherwise, you gotta give Turkey Day to the Cowgirls.... except that SS has some tricks up his sleeve that'll make Campo look as dumb as Hutchinson on HBO. Skins finally break the curse!

Giants... W

The Skins are euphoric after their Turkey Day stomping of the Cows and come home to prove it wasn't a fluke.

@ Eagles... L

Entering the week 8-5, the Skins NEED this game. And they don't get it.

Texans... W

The Texans will be spending this week negotiating a contract with NEXT years #1 pick.

Cows... W

Redskins revenge: beat the Cowboys in a blowout at home to finish the season at 10-6 and make the playoffs.


So, a 10-6 record (and 7-1 at home), making the playoffs, and sweeping the Cows would be a great way to kick off the Spurrier era. And after the 3-4 start, the media will print all of the articles they've already written about the failure of the Dirty South offense. Won't it be great to rub it in their faces?

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What I learned is never assume wins and losses.

Who would have thought we would win in Denver last year?

Other games are going to be suprises too. Also, don't count out injuries, as they are season turners at any time!

10-6 would be great and a sweep of the Cowboys would be even better! :cheers:

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Originally posted by bulldog

from past experience I will bet that one of the gimmee games like Arizona or Seattle is going to be difficult while one of the 'sure' losses like Indy or Tennessee on the road turns out to be a big victory :laugh:

You mean like the San Diego, Chicago, Denver and New Orleans games last year? :)
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Out of all the games you mention Redman, that San Diego game was the worse. I just knew JG was gonna come out on fire and prove all the doubters wrong, but that game was just painful to watch and just got worse as the clock continued to run. The only other game that comes close was the Monday night game against GB.

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Originally posted by wildbill

The only other game that comes close was the Monday night game against GB.

I agree on both counts, bill. I didn't expect us to beat Green Bay at Lambeau on MNF with all the question marks we had, and with a new coach, though. However, I did expect us to show up, which we obviously failed to do despite how public the stage was. :doh:

At least it's new season and a new feel now! :)

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Oh my god you're so wrong

here's what will rEALLY happen

week 1:

Skins 35

Cards 7

Champ dominates Boston, the rest of their O suck and Plummer is an INT machine.

week 2:

Skins 28

Iggles 3

McNabb can't run against our LBs and he's an average QB at best when forced to sit in the pocket. Plus there's no way Philly WRs can get open against our CBs to save their lives.

week 3:

Skins 30

49ers 10

Mooch cries about running up the score again when SOS goes for a 2 point coversion when we're up 28-10 in the 4th.

week 4:

Skins 24

Titans 14

Air McNugget meets LaVar and it ain't pretty.

week 5:

Skins 40

Saints 7

Haslett will be sleeping in his office for a month after this beatdown.

week 6:

Skins 21

Packers 24

The Pack pulls this one out on a TD kickoff return. Pure luck.

week 7:

Skins 35

Colts 17

Welcome to the Champ and Fred show.

week 8:

Skins 28

Seahawks 3

Is Mike Holmgren still a genius?

week 9:

Skins 50

Jags 10

They love SS down south and he puts on an air show for the Gator crowd.

week 10:

Skins 35

Midgets 13

NY is just gonna be really awful this season.

week 11:

Skins 28

Rams 21

Martz cries on the sideline after he realizes that he has just been outcoached in his own game.

week 12:

Skins 21

Cows 24

Skins forget their game on the bus and lose a nail biter.

week 13:

Skins 49

Midgets 14

Jim Fassel resigns after this embarassment.

week 14:

Skins 17

Iggles 20

Akers boots a long FG in OT.

week 15:

Skins 55

Texans 0

Carr has a long day while our D and O pad their stats.

week 16:

Skins 35

Cryboys 3

Revenge is sweet.

Record: 13-3(NFC East champs, homefield for playoffs) SS named coach of the year, LaVar defensive MVP.

Offense rank: 3rd

Defense rank: 2nd

SP teams: 10th

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I totally agree. Spurrier has a tendency with his aggressiveness to get people worried. If he proves, especially with this cast of characters on offense, that his system works this year, that plus our defense will have the league very concerned. If our defense feels like it's running downhill against the opposition, this season and team could be things of beauty.

We really haven't had a fast start since '96, when our schedule was really weak and when I thought it was all an illusion. I don't count 2000 when we started 6-2 because I didn't think we were all that strong then - we'd lost our first two games, and we'd had some devastating injuries. (Indeed, I posted as much right here on this board around the end of October, only to get reamed by everyone - most notably "Reaper", aka bulldog, as a dumb newbie! :) )

I guess you'd have to go back to the 1991 season to mark the last time that we came out of the gate fast. I'd like to have that feeling again.

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Cards... W

They are the Cards. 'Nuff said.

Eagles... L

Sorry, but the Skins aren't beating the Eagles. Eagles look just as good as last year, yeah the lost Trotter, but they had a killer Defense and it will still be good without him.

@ 49ers... L

Niners are a superbowl contender, like the Eagles. Not happening.


@ Titans... L

Healthy Eddie George, coaching staff has FINALLY taken the handcuffs off of McNair after several years.

Saints... W

I like A. Brooks, but with a fragile Deuce McAllister and a defense that is no longer scary....ouch.

@ Packers... L

SuperBowl Contenders. See Eagles, 49ers.

Colts.... W

Tony Dungy, the Wrecker of Offenses. Defense was simply atrocious last year, they could be better, but hey, could the D possibly do anything BUT get better?

@ Seahawks... W

I hear a lot of talk about the Seahawks, but I don't care. They are the Seahawks. They are going to have to prove it on the field.

@ Jags... W

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I laugh at the jags. Its gonna be a looooooong season in JAX

@ Giants... L

Giants may not be great, but the Skins' split with the division rival.

Rams... L

Faulk runs wild through the Skins DL while LBs are trying to figure out where all the WRs are going.

@ Cows... L

Split with the Division Rivals, Cowboys are much improved over last year, and win their 10th in a row over the Skins

Giants... W

Split with the G Men.

@ Eagles... L

Sorry, another loss to the Eagles.

Texans... W

Its the Texans. Id be surprised if they win 2 games.

Cows... W

Skins break the Streak. Finally. Steve Spurrier Day is declared in DC.


8-8 for the Skins. Great Defense, but too many questions at QB, OL, and offensive execution. A couple of these games are going to be close, so I could see 9 as well. 10 ONLY if you are very, very lucky.

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I have a bad feeling about the Eagles game in week 2. It'll be early, and we'll be playing a team with most of their team and the entire coaching staff returning, so no "early season jitters" there.

I can see us running all over them, our defense dominating, and just enough of the passing game sprinkled in for a 20-6 win.

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ChirsFul, I agree with except that I'm a bit more optimistic about the outcome between the the Niners, Titians and Packers. We will win one of those (two would be sweet and wishful thinking). I see two of those teams fighting for a wild card spot. Plus, there is no way the Eagles are going to be able to dink their way to a victory twice. I see ten wins but I'm hoping Smoot is right.

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