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Did anyone else read Dr. Z's predictions in last weeks SI? He stated that between '83 and '90 the Redskins and Giants appeared in half the SBs, with Parcells winning 2 and Gibbs winning 1. Why did he not include '82 and '91, and say Gibbs won 3? I think it is pathetic that a nationally published sports journalist skew his numbers to give more credit to the Skins opponents and noone at the magazine has a problem with that! I am tired of getting bagged on by the mediots. I know there is a bias against Dan Snyder, but this was all pre-Snyder when everyone loved JKC. I submit that ES members all write in to Dr. Z and ask for a correction.....

And let's make FedEx rock this Sunday and let the nation know noone walks out of DC in one piece!

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