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Redskins FAVORITE next week?


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Redskins haven't beaten Philly since 1958. I think it is a JOKE to say that the Redskins can beat Philly. Its the franchise and not the players. Doesn't matter WHO is on the team, the Skins always lose the first game to New York...always get outplayed by Dallas.....and the Eagles always whip the Redskins team. Has nothing to do with coaches or players...its the franchise. It just happens year in and year out...doesn't matter if the Skins are coached by Steve Spurrier or Joe Gibbs and doesn't matter if the Eagles are coached by Ray Rhoades or Andy Reid or if Andy Griffith coached either team. Its just the franchise and thats the way its suppose to be.

Redskins will continue to be cellar dwellars until they change their method of drafting and WHO they draft. Drafting cornerbacks over and over thoughout all these coaches will just not work. Draft frikken pass rushers for Gods sakes if you want to win.

Even Andy Griffith would know that.

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