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Why no talk about C. Griffin HAUNTING the Giants?


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It's funny how everyone talks about Pierce and him looking for revenge against his former team, but what about on our side with Cornelius Griffin?

Cornelius Griffin was considered an underachiever in NY and there weren't many nice things said about him. People thought we were crazy to offer him the contract he has. Now Joe Gibbs calls him one of if not the best d linemen he's ever coached. Ya think the Giants wish they had him back to help improve their 31st ranked defense?

I would say Mr. Griffin will be extremely motivated(he always is) but even moreso for this game.

I would say one of the leaders of the 4th ranked D has a better chance of "haunting" his former team than a member of the 31st ranked D.

Yet, nobody mentions Griffin in the media this week. It's all about how stupid we were to let AP go, when in reality AP was just a big baby who took his ball and went to NY b/c he got slightly less than he wanted from the franchise that gave him a chance when no one else did! eff HIM!

And eff the media too for the blatant double standard against the Skins in regards to not mentioning Griffin.

HTTR!! :gaintsuck

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Good point. I think the issue is that Griffin never played for Coughlin, so it's not like a revenge game for him. He left as a free agent. He doesn't really have any insight into their plans. It's more like a homecoming.

Pierce not only played for the Skins, he excelled in Williams system and can provide insight into how the Skins plan to play. He also was allowed to leave and feels that the Skins slighted him by not keeping him.

I don't think anyone is overlooking Griffin -- it's just that he's in a very different situation than Pierce.

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