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WP: Blow by blow, how Ramsey almost got traded (with a contract done with the Bears!)

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This is an amazing story.

This same piece of sh!t that couldn't sign with our team all offseason managed to get a deal done with the Bears late Tuesday. But the Redskins got confused about the league deadline for the trade (thinking it was Friday), and time ran out before trade terms could be sealed.

Now we're stuck with this piece of sh!t, because league rules prevent a trade until next offseason. :gus:


Ramsey Deal Close

Redskins Decide Against Trade With Bears

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, August 7, 2002; Page D01

The Washington Redskins had the outline for a contract agreement with rookie quarterback Patrick Ramsey in place early this morning, only hours after the team was on the brink of trading the first-round draft choice to the Chicago Bears for a high-round draft selection and guard Mike Gandy, sources close to the situation said.

Ramsey and the Redskins were close to agreeing to a long-term contract, likely for five years with a signing bonus of nearly $3 million, sources said. The team failed to trade him to Chicago by the NFL's midnight deadline for trading players drafted in April. Ramsey could report to training camp in Carlisle, Pa., today or Thursday, barring another breakdown in negotiations.

The near-deal came at the end of a topsy-turvy day in which the Redskins were on the verge of completing an agreement with Ramsey late in the afternoon before halting negotiations to consider trading him, according to sources. A few hours later, agent Jimmy Sexton had completed a tentative contract agreement with the Bears after being given permission by the Redskins to negotiate with Chicago, sources said, and Sexton and Ramsey told the Redskins that they would welcome a trade after a telephone conversation between Ramsey and Coach Steve Spurrier failed to smooth over the situation.

Ramsey and the Redskins will have plenty of amends to make after weeks-worth of negotiating frustrations spilled over yesterday. Ramsey, the final player selected in the first round of the draft on April 20, has missed the first two weeks of training camp because of his contract dispute.

The Redskins pushed to receive Chicago's first-round draft choice next year as part of the proposed trade, sources said, along with Gandy, a potential starter at guard who still could be traded to Washington. But one NFL source said that the Bears were not willing to surrender a pick higher than the second round. The Bears were interested in the Tulane University quarterback on draft day and could have played veteran quarterbacks Jim Miller and Chris Chandler while Ramsey was developing.

The league's deadline for trading players drafted in April came three days earlier than some of the principals in the proceedings had anticipated because it is tied to the Sept. 5 NFL regular season opener, not the Redskins' opener on Sept. 8.

Ramsey told Spurrier by phone earlier yesterday that he wanted to play for the Redskins and be coached by Spurrier, sources said. But Spurrier and the Redskins seemed ready to move on, according to sources. Sexton quickly struck a deal with the Bears after the Redskins granted permission for those negotiations to take place, sources said.

A contract accord between Ramsey and the Redskins had appeared well within reach around midday. According to sources, the two sides were on the verge of an agreement late yesterday afternoon before the Redskins broke off the talks. There still was work to be done on some aspects of the deal, including the incentives package, but the agreement probably would have been completed earlier yesterday without the break in negotiations, sources said.

Some Redskins officials had become increasingly frustrated about the stalled negotiations with Ramsey. The Redskins apparently felt better about their overall quarterback situation after Saturday night's 38-7 triumph over the San Francisco 49ers in the preseason opener in Osaka, Japan. Danny Wuerffel took the early lead in the starting quarterback derby by throwing for 269 yards and three touchdowns in the second half and Sage Rosenfels played reasonably well in the first half, overcoming a sluggish start to throw for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Shane Matthews is scheduled to start this weekend's second preseason game at Carolina.

Mendes and Sexton had been trading proposals in recent days and apparently broke the impasse that had existed regarding the key issue of the negotiations, an escalator mechanism that would boost Ramsey's salary if he becomes the starting quarterback during the duration of the contract. A proposal sent by Sexton to Mendes while the Redskins were in Japan over the weekend changed the structure of the escalator, requiring Ramsey to be the starter for several seasons -- instead of only one -- before he could collect the higher salaries, a concession by Ramsey's camp designed to jump-start the talks.

2002 The Washington Post Company

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Sexton completes a deal with the Bears in a couple of days? WTF!! I bet for less then what he was pushing the Skins for too. Looks to me like he realized he over played his cards and was trying to get a deal done for Ramsey so he wouldn't look like a moron.

Ramsey is a total A-Hole!!! We just wasted our 1st round pick because of this prick. His career with this team is pretty much over now because Spurrier won't want to have him as his QB.

Now the Skins are stuck with a QB that they don't want. The Skins will end up having to pay a QB that they don't need for one year and the cap hit that goes along with it. Then trade him after this season for a low 2nd round pick and a backup guard.

Wonderfull... :doh: :doh: :doh: :gus: :gus: :gus:

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1) Good job by the Redskins to hold out for the #1.

2) "Sexton and Ramsey told the Redskins that they would welcome a trade after a telephone conversation between Ramsey and Coach Steve Spurrier failed to smooth over the situation. " Sounds like his a** is definitely grass with the 'ol ballcoach.

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Spurrier seems like a pretty loyal guy, once you earn it.

So, from his vantage point, Ramsey is coming into camp so late that he is of little use to him, at least this year. To top it off, he now is going to have to cut one of the other QBs who have been with it from the get-go, two of which were former players of his and another who is absolutely busting his balls trying to make the team.

Just to make way for a player that he was apparently ambivalent about in the first place and who wanted to break the standard rookie salary structure.

Ramsey's got a long way to go to get back into Spurrier's good graces.

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My guess is Ramsey will never play a snap for Steve Spurrier. That's too bad, because we still need a QB of the Future. On the other hand, there is something to be said for the 'You have to WANT to be here to play for me' attitude.

I just wish it didn't go down like this.

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The fact is, the Bears were willing to give more than the Skins, Joe Mendes has been playing hard ball with Ramsey's agent because of the results of the preseason game. The sad part is, that most of you are turning on Ramsey before he even has a chance. SHAME on YA'LL. Ramsey is doing nothing different than anyone else, he is asking for more money ONLY if he becomes the starter, which is a very reasonable request and the Skins are playing hard ball. The bottom line is this, the Front office should have expected to have to pay for a QB, everyone always does, the Front office is at fault, not Ramsey, give the guy a break. They should have never drafted him if they were not going to give him a reasonable contract.

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Lets wait to hear this kid's side of the story.

Wouldn't be the first time an Agent lied to a player about certain things. Even huge public affairs such as this. The kid may be under the impression he is doing the right thing when if he had any other people to talk to, may find a better stance.

At least I hope that is whats happening because if it isn't, I can hear the "look out" calls from the OLine coming now and Ramsey will be introduced to the NFL on a consistent basis by Big Daddy and Gardener.

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Ramsey is doing nothing different than anyone else, he is asking for more money ONLY if he becomes the starter, which is a very reasonable request and the Skins are playing hard ball.

He's asking for his slot money if he starts or not and he is asking for MORE money if the risk pans out. That means that there are no more bargains in the draft, just risk for the team. We pay the $3 mill slot signing bonus on the hopes he succeed PLUS we pay him as a starter if he starts. That's an unreasonable amount of risk for us and no risk for him. "Building through the draft" loses its value.

Now if he wants to be paid the minimum (no signing bonus) until he starts earning a starters salary the risk and reward is shared with him and the team.

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Guys, Ramsey's agent had a tentative agreement in place with the Bears. That's what we've had in place with him for weeks, if not months. Also, as someone said, if the Bears were willing to concede more than we were, then that process would be easier now, wouldn't it? As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango.

And I agree with Funky on this point: if Ramsey earns his stripes, I don't see Spurrier standing in his way out of spite. SS will make sure he earns them and will put him through the paces, and probably gently ( :laugh: ) remind him that he has some catching up to do. But he'll have a shot.

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So if the front office were to say we reached for you with the 32nd pick when it made more sense to go for a guard however we will sign you to a 5 year deal for X amount of dollars.

But if after one year or two you turn out to suck a$$ as a NFL QB the decelerator clause kicks in and you will receive less money and you have to return half of your signing bonus.

Wouldnt that be fair?

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Dave, I'm surprised you didn't get in on the action and demand one of their starting guards for Ramsey. While I STILL would rather have taken Gurode, I would have settled for a starting G and a 4th rounder for Ramsey.

The fact that he held out and almost got traded could result in a cold shoulder from the vets. It will be interesting to see how he is treated now.

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