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Watch out for “Psychological Baggage”


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Watch out for our “Psychological Baggage”

Watch out! Watch out now: I hear Washington’s “D” is bringing some “Psychological Baggage” to the game! It’s true! According to ESPN, the Redskin “Defense” is known to dish out some “psychological baggage”. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=251023028

Yes, the BIG story of the day last Sunday (BIGGER even than the 52 points!) was that the Washington Redskin Defense, led by LaVar Arrington’s team-leading 9 tackles (7 solo, 2 assists, with 3 for losses), unloaded their “psychological baggage” on the league! In his first game back from emotional exile, LA was just maniacal, tying for the league’s Fifth Best Defensive Performance of the day, while playing in less than half the game. Running around and slamming anyone that got in the way, LaVar Arrington was totally non compos mentis, and Joe Gibbs' “paranoia about a possible upset faded quickly”. The crowd too was batty! And the Mad Professor, “Defensive Genius” Greg Williams, was admittedly “happy” and “proud” with LaVar’s outstanding performance. So many emotions; so many complex psyches! So much “Psychological Baggage”! And, in the end, LA was close to tears.

Wacky? Yeah. Screwy? Absolutely!

But, the “PsychoBags” played like crazy. Running around like maniacs all day long, Washington’s “Psychological Baggage” came up with 5 punishing sacks for 38 yards. With all that pressure, San Francisco QB Alex Smith quickly became unhinged! It was insane! The “Psycho Bags” were just going nuts, coming up with an interception, forcing 3 fumbles, while recovering one. Although our Defensive Madmen didn’t score, these 2 turnovers set up 14 points on 2 easy touchdowns by the Skins Offensive Juggernaut.

It’s just plain Loco. The “PsychoBags” are now the 4th highest rated defense in the league, allowing a loony 266.0 yard per game. Totally Bonkers! It’s easy to understand why the 49ers went bananas, limited to just 194 total yards for the day, including that freakish 72-yard run by Frank Gore. (Nic, buddy, you don’t want to start free-lancing. Playing demented like that will get you nothing but bench time, or who knows, maybe an extended sentence to the insane asylum!)

So watch out now! It’s time for the Giants to worry!

The Redskins are coming, and they’re bringing their “Psychological Baggage” with them!

Hmmm! I think I’m going Gaga!

:insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane:

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Hmmmm we have the offensive line Dirtbags.....now the defense is the Psychobags?

We have a lot of baggage!

I don't think he was referring to just the Defense and the Arrington situation. I think he was referring to all the things the team was still struggling with.

Scoring - Check, 8 drives resulted in points.

RedZone Scoring - Check, pushed it in everytime we crossed the 20

Rushing TDs - Check, we got three of them

Hold on to the Ball - Check, not a single turnover

Get turnovers on D - Check, got two of them

Pressure the QB - Check, 5 sacks

Play Arrington - Check, lead the team in tackles

This is the gist I get from the article, that we took advantage of a very bad team to ensure we got these peverbial monkey's off our backs, so we can walk into the toughest stretch of the season, no worrying so much about them. It did a bad job of really portraying it in the article though.

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