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Can we give Shawn Springs some respect today?

Walking Deadman

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I know Lavar had a great game and has to be at the top of the list of D plays today.....but Springs made some critical plays out there (open field tackles mostly) to stop drives.....just a little shout out to Mr. Springs, great to have you back healthy and great game today.

Also same for Lavar, Marcus, Lemar, Sean and everybody else on the D who played top notch ball today.

Thank you D......Thank you O.....

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I love Shawn... not only is he a great cover corner but he is the best tackler at that position that I have ever seen. Seeing this defense healthy for the first time is a thing of beauty. Springs, Taylor, Arrington, Washington, and Griffin (hope hes ok) all flying around out there is a scary thing for opposing offenses.

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