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Respect from a Broncos Fan Today @ Work

Grumpy Vet

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Good evening all.

I very rarely start threads....especially in the Stadium. Over half of my threads started are when I helped iheartskins w/ the War Room for this past draft. I usually can find a place to speak my mind in other people's threads, but I really was not sure where to put this one:

My company rents scaffolding and I met a contractor at a church in Gaithersburg to discuss pricing and the practicality of erecting scaffold in the church so they could install a massive sound system...blah..blah...

Shortly after my arrival I pulled out my measuring tape and started taking some measurements around the stage. This is my tape measure:


After a short time, one of the representatives from the church popped in to answer questions and he looked at my tape.

He said, "Redskin fan huh?"

I said, "to the core."

He replied, "I'm from Denver."

I said, "Well you guys gave us a good run - congrats."

He said, "I really didn't believe it, but you guys are for real."

I said, "Thank you very much - I thought we had you. Tatum had a few nice runs."

He said, "I hate the Redskins - always have. I flew home for the Denver - Chiefs game. I love the Broncos. I think you guys will beat the Chiefs and go to the playoffs. Your defense is very good and how Brunell threw like he did in that weather was unbelievable."

He added, "You guys figure out how to get in the endzone a couple more times and you'll get a turn or two in the playoffs."

As dumb as this sounds - I felt as if someone had just complimented me on my child. I was proud of my Redskins. It has been a long time. Anybody else have any good moments after this past game?

I just thought I'd share.


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This is exactly right. The way we've really physically controlled three of our four opponents is a very nice sign for the Skins. It's hard for people to understand what we've always known. If we got a positive answer at QB we were going to be a very difficult team most weeks.

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I work with a few people from Denver, and all week before the game, like any other job, we heckled each other all week long. When I returned to work Monday, I went to work wearing the thickest skin that I could put on that day because I knew it was coming.

The first Denver fan I see, smiled and said "Man we got lucky I thought it was a safety even after the replay". The second fan "You guys are serious, I didnt realize that Washington was that good, luckily we got out of that one with a win".

I agree with the first post, even after a heart breaking loss, I really felt a since of pride for my team, because it was due respect from fans of a team who hates the Redskins. No lets go get one in K.C.

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It is refreshing holding your head high. I own 6 burgandy golf shirts. I wear one every Friday before and, if warranted w/ a win or a good performance, every Monday after the game. I wore one this past Monday.

Nothing would make me happier than keeping this performance going. I've been a Skins fan through thick and thin (even growing up in TX). I'm often critical - but I'm happer w/ the Redskins right now than I've been in a long time....

....and I promise not to bring up the complete absence of Taylor Jacobs.......

We are for real.....let's not let it slide.....especially those of you, like me, that attend every home game. Let's keep it going.

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