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Sept. 16: Joe Gibbs

Die Hard

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TO: Coach Joe Gibbs

Coach I met you this July in Daytona at the Pepsi 400 . Greatest Redskin moment for me personally. As the night went on we watched Tony Stewart

pull off another victory. Great night for Joe Gibbs Racing. Watching Tony this

year looks like a very good chance of a Nextel Cup Championship. My Question

is, Witch would you rather walk away with this year? Super bowl victory or

Nextel Cup Championship. p.s. Coach you told me to leave you my name and address and you would send something my way. This week your signed copy of your book came in the mail. I THANK YOU Very much. Would love for you

E-mail me at lazqranch@atlantic.net so I can tell you how it has already changed my life.

Thanks for the good times...

From: The Redskins 12th man Mike Qualls

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Hey Coach Gibbs!

I live out here in Ohio, but I have been a Redskins fan since I can remember. I only see a limited amount of games a year, but every time I get to see the Skins play, I love it. This is truly awesome that you have taken the time to answer our questions. Go get 'em this year, AND BEAT DALLAS!

My question is simply, what is your most memorable game as Redskins Head Coach?

Thanks so much and GO SKINS!!!

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Coach Gibbs,

I'm a huge fan of yours,followed your stellar career and am a lifelong Redskins fan.

I'd like to know what your thinking was in making the change from Patrick Ramsey

to Mark Brunell. I realize you don't have any tolerance for turnovers but Ramsey never had a chance to get into any kind of a rhythm before he was benched.

Further, Ramsey gives the team the vertical game that Brunell obviously doesn't

have anymore. All of Brunell's highlights as a Redskin without meaning any disrespect have been in the preseason. He has great stats and doesn't make mistakes but the team doesn't score and his long passes these days aren't much more than a prayer.

I think you owe the fans a better explanation for this change at Quarterback then we've received so far.

All Redskins fans are grateful for your return and as far as coachs go and far as I'm concerned they just don't come any better than Coach Joe Gibbs.

Go Skins!


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Coach, thanks for taking the time to chat. I love the fact that we have two capable QB's. With no depth, you, as coach, and we, as fans, are one injury away from golf season.

I'm curious, when you watch film, what is the biggest change you're seeing in defenses since you left coaching, and how do you counter?

Joe B.

Charlotte, NC

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Extremeskins is pleased to bring you an interactive chat opportunity with Washington Redskins Head Coach, Joe Gibbs.

The chat will take place Friday, September 16 at the following location:


Our Pressbox forum is where you can ask questions for this or other chats:


This is a special moderated forum where you can ask questions. We will clean up the questions as best we can and ask them directly, working as fast as we can to provide the answers as quickly as possible once we get started.

ALL questions for Coach Gibbs should be asked within this thread:


Please use the reply option in this thread so all questions that are approved land in this single thread. Thanks.

This is YOUR opportunity as fans of the Redskins to interact as directly as possible with a Redskins legend and Hall of Famer. Let's turn out and show the team how much interest there is in such interaction. Please bear in mind that NOT every question will be approved and not every approved question will be answered given limited time.

Show your colors and bring your game. Here's your chance to get the answers to so many of your threads.

Responses will be typed by Extremeskins Staff members and then cleaned up from tape later for the official version.

Please note the following rules/guidelines for posting questions:

1. This is a moderated forum so when you post a question, you won't see it. We will and we'll approve it as we go. Please don't make multiple submissions thinking we missed it. We will get to as many questions as possible.

2. Please ask ONLY one question per submission. Last time guys had like eight questions per submission and it was hard to clean up.

That's really about it .

Extremeskins Staff.

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Coach Gibbs, is The Danny all over your back about this quarterback situation, or is it your choice to make us look like the biggest bafoons in the NFL? Giving Ramsey less than a half of a game after saying you supported him and were naming him the starter for the past year, makes me ask this above question, because from the type of person you seem to be, this makes no sense what so ever. If this is your decision, at least have the courteousy to trade Ramsey to another team a.s.a.p were he can get a fair shot. Mark Brunnell does NOT have it anymore. Please, spare yourself, and all of the millions and millions of true Redskins fans the embarrassment and pain we will all suffer through as we watch Brunell "play" quarterback. For the love of God, don't tarnish not only your legacy, but the team I have cheered on for years.

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Coach Gibbs,

First things first, thanks ever so much for taking the time out to answer our questions on what may be the most difficult week AFTER A WIN that I can recall. Another poster mentioned that you were his favorite Redskin and I certainly echo that sentiment.

Now....a quick comment on recent developments and my questions. This QB situation simply doesn't have the same "feel" of past QB controversies in this town...Sonny or Billy, Billy or Joe, Jay or Doug, Mark or Stan. Quite frankly this feels - at least from this fan's perspective - like trying do decide which option HURTS the team least not which option HELPS the team most.

1. Do you get frustrated with that perception on the part of the fans & media? How do you keep the team from viewing the situation this way?

Now, specifically regarding Patrick

2. Given that it's highly unlikely the team would be able to accomidate a trade request at this point, how do you "build him back up" to keep him motivated & involved in game preparation this season? [i can't help but think of the story Sonny always tells on Otto Graham as an example of the situation you DON'T want to have. Otto ordered Sonny back into a game after pulling him. Sonny's response, "No. You got yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out..."]

3. At what point does the team (you, Synder, and Cerrato) HAVE to make a determination that, "Patrick may be a very good player in this league but it's just not going to happen for him here" - a la the place the Wizards seem to have gotten to on Kwame Brown before trading him? End of this season? End of his contract?

Thanks, Coach!! Please go get that Dallas monkey off our backs. I'm tired of seeing people showing up to FedEx in Cowboy jerseys when we're not even playing them!!!!!


Chris Brown

Section 422, Row 27, Seats 8 & 9 [About as far away as one can be and still be INSIDE the stadium......]

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Coach gibbs;

Many of us feel that the thing that is missing,that would make the redskins a winning team,is that team leader in the quaterback position. Most of the other ingredients are in place,or so it seems.Do you feel you have that team leader ,with mark brunell?Your opinion on this quaterback dilema,would be greatly appreciated. How about it coach?



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All, I won't get through 25 questions with Coach Gibbs I'm sure, given the time he'll have. So, I'm going to close this thread. Please ask your questions in our other planned chats. There's just no way we can get through all these :).

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Coach Gibbs: It used to be true that a great defense and a power running game alone was a winning combination. With today's defenses, however, offenses have to be able to spread out the defenses and prevent them from playing eight or nine guys in the box and stuffing the run. It means the run and the pass go hand in hand. Now that Mark Brunell is the qb are you confident he has the tools to "keep the defenses guessing" ? Thanks and good luck.

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Mr. Joe Gibbs,

We truly appreciate the time you are taking to address the fans in this format. It makes us feel like we are a contributing part of the organization. Thanks for coming back to help the Redskins reestablish their dominance.

In your previous tenure you would always find a way to use our most talented players as much as possible. In SBXVII a reverse to Alvin Garrett gained 40 yards. The fade route was used effectively near the end zone to take advantage of Art Monk's superior height and athletic ability. The fleaflicker took advantage of Riggins tendency to draw in the safetys. And sometimes Theisman would be on the receiving end of a fake sweep pass. You've brought that back with plays like Portis' TD throw to Coles against Detroit last year and just this past Sunday with S. Taylor lining up as a receiver near the goal line. It makes for very entertaining and effective football.

My question concerns using this idea on special teams, namely punt returns. At strategic times in the past D. Green would be inserted to field a punt. This almost always ended up being a very positive play for the Redskins. With the departure of Antonio Brown can we expect to see S. Moss in there to field punts at crucial times?

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Coach Gibbs,

Do you intend to play Ramsey again at some point this season, even if Brunell stays healthy?

In relation to that question, I do agree with his benching this last week. I hope it serves as a wake up call to Patrick and he learns that turnovers will no longer be tolerated. It is my sincere hope he comes back to the field this year as a better player because of it. Also, kudos to you and your staff for chosing to release Antonio Brown to make space for Nick Novak. I hope everyone is getting the message - NO MORE TURNOVERS.

We wish you the best of luck and the best of health.



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Hi Coach Gibbs!

I believe that I am your biggest fan! Thanks for everything that

you do!! My question for you is "Could we beat the Cowboys on

Monday night please??" I know that you want that as much as

all of us!! You are such a great coach! I know that is a silly

question, but I really wanted to let you know that we love

you and will be pulling hard for the Skin's!

God Bless,

Lisa Branum (Redskinnurse):dallasuck

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Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Coach.

The Ramsey vs. Brunell decision for week 2 was of course a difficult one. My question is why you made the announcement Monday, giving Coach Parcells a FULL WEEK to game-plan against Brunell. You are known for being secretive almost to the point of paranoia, yet you decided not to keep your decision secret from the media even for a few days. Why the hurry?


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I come from a long lineage of skins fans and I am and always will be a skins fan. You have my full confidence and trust that you will take us to the promise land. Like many others, my main concern is our QB which is the only thing keeping this team from being great. If you do intend to bring us to a superbowl think LONGTERM. Neither Patrick or Mark have proven themselves worthy of that QB position. We need a new face, not a struggling vet or someone who throws more INTs than TDs. As for the decision to take Patrick out of the game, SMART choice. Lets face it, our 2 star recievers like to run deep so we need someone who can get it there. In the preseason game against the steelers he under threw several passes that should have been a touchdown. So here is my formula for the redskins QB of the future.......... STRONG ARM+MOBILITY=NEW SKINS QB

**Mark wouldnt be to bad if the O-line could give him some time to throw the ball.**

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Coach, Thanks for getting back into the frey and providing us with hope for a winning season and a chance to bring the Redskins back to the glory days! It's a thrill for me to see you roaming the sidelines again. Best of luck to you and the Redksins!!

What are you doing to get the offense going in the right direction? (ie. Eliminating turnovers, better clock/game management, avoiding bad decisions, stretching the field etc.)

Mike F. in Leesburg

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Coach Gibbs,

Thanks for your time and dedication to the team and fans. It is truly appreciated. I remember in the past, the skins would really go for the kill early and force the opposing offense to be more one dimentional. What I mean is when you called those play action fake 3rd and 1 long passes down the sidelines that accounted for so many touchdowns. Now it seems the approach is to just move the chains on 3rd and short and not risk turning the ball over. Can we look forward to any change in aggressiveness to put the opponents down more instead of trying to protect a small lead into the 4th quarter? Some other teams are forced to do this because their defense is not as good, but they get more turnovers because their opponents are forced into passing situations.

Thanks and Take Care,


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