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OT - Missing Posters


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Whatever happened to Ball Coach Spurrier and Inmate Running the Asylum? They were pretty regular posters were they not?

Also, is there some sort of feud going on between this site and CPND? No Terry, no PCinOZ, no CounterTre, etc. What's up?:cold:

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Inmate has been posting in Tailgate nearly exclusively of late. Check the religion threads. And BCS has been on haitus.

It's the offseason folks :) If there's ever a time to get outdoors and get away from the computer for a few months.... now is the time to do it. I'll start to worry on the Monday after the first game of the season.

RE: feud or no feud. The latter for sure. Hey, to be honest, I don't think a lot of our ExtremeSkins staff post nearly as prolificly on CPND as guys like Terry, Ratty or PCinOZ do here. Nothing against each other... but just keeping up with the "conversation" on 1 board is monumental enough... not to mention the time spent performing our functions as the staff of each respective site.

I'm sure each staff member of both teams is working hard behind the scenes to improve their sites. In fact, I guarantee it ;)

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