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I sent an e-mail to WTEM 980


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Is it wierd that I tend to take the word of people on this website more seriously than the "professionals" when they are critiquing players they watched?

It's funny, because on this website, people will dog players the press says are playing welll, and look at situations where a player is double teamed and say he wasn't playing as badly as the press made it out.

All I can say is when I finally get a chance to watch the games and pay attention to particular players, I usualy find the comments of the "geeks" to be more accurate than those of the "professionals" who have to water down their skins reporting for people who want their 30 second sound bite on the Skins.

Keep up the training camp reports and thanks.

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I think saying that Weinstein's reports "suck" is a little over the line. That is why Czeban savaged the letter. I am surprised he use the "Loser" tag for ExtremeSkins.com. WTEM makes more revenue off of the Redskins than any other team and people are serious about football here. Czeban must only think the only thing the net is good for is looking at Anna K. pictures. (I'm not debating this point, because it is good for that too.) Hubris is never a good thing, but when a guy has his own radio show it's a sure bet he's going to lay waste to easy targets.

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Hey Griff,

How bout sending an email inviting yourself to their radio show and see if they will let you defend yourself and your opinions on air? They will probably rag you some more for another email. I guess they did not read your disclaimer about Green not really looking like Randy Moss?

I have a preacher friend who used to be a country singer in bars, one thing he taught me was that you never tick off the guy with the microphone, because no matter how loud you yell, he still can yell louder.

Maybe you can meet him at camp and see what he thinks about your geek self?


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Geeks unite!

Everyone wants to be an ESPN head nowadays, at least with Beatrice he fed the fan's thirst for analysis, now its all highlights and 30 second rants all in seeming contradiction to what was said last month. professional? hardly

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Man, I wish I'd heard that.

All I can say is, what do you expect from them? You tell someone they flat out suck, they're gonna get defensive. I don't think you'll ever win that battle, Griff.

Still, those guys don't know any more than folks on this board do. I listen to them sometimes, but usually when they have Redskin news I've already read it three times here. Their opinions come across as those of the casual fan, or maybe guys who pay attention because they have to (i.e. they get paid.) I don't think I've ever noticed any keen insight by Pollin or Czaban at all. Bram's ok. I wouldn't say he sucks, but I certainly get my real info here, and not from him.

We truly ARE Redskin geeks, and they are not. Heck, they even admit it. :)

So who cares what they have to say, really.

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